Financial Page


Did you know you can make your weekly donation to the church online?  Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of our financial support of the church.  Most banks today now offer a solution to this through an online bill pay option where you can schedule your donation to be paid automatically.  Once you set this up, the bank will automatically cut a check and send it to the church according to the schedule you set. Not only will this be a help to you but it will also be a significant blessing to the church, especially during those times of the year when donations fall off such as during the summer months.  For more information contact your bank or check your bank’s website.


Volunteers Needed for Counting Teams

If you are looking for a way to serve the church in a limited capacity and are interested at all in numbers, please contact  Lynne More, Financial Secretary (286-2399) to see how you can volunteer on one of our counting teams.  We are in need of 1 or 2 volunteers beginning in September to help with this task.