Financial Page

SPECIAL DONATION ENVELOPE REMINDER: Mission Fund- August 4, 2019; Capital Improvement/Debt Reduction Fund-August 18, 2019; Organ Fund-July 21, 2019; Scholarship Fund-October 13, 2019; Classis Assessment-September 22, 2019                                                                                                                            


 GRC GENERAL FUND AS OF May 31, 2019:  (Complete financial report available in literature rack, near church office; ()-Indicates Deficit) General Fund Income- $107,983.00 General Fund Expenses- $121,237.00; General Fund Net-($13,254.00). Budget estimate at this point: ($16,348.00). Year-To-Date Average Worship Attendance-76. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ONGOING FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF OUR CONGREGATION! YOUR GIFT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  


Did you know you can make your weekly donation to the church online?  Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of our financial support of the church.  Most banks today now offer a solution to this through an online bill pay option where you can schedule your donation to be paid automatically.  Once you set this up, the bank will automatically cut a check and send it to the church according to the schedule you set. Not only will this be a help to you but it will also be a significant blessing to the church, especially during those times of the year when donations fall off such as during the summer months.  For more information contact your bank or check your bank’s website.
RCA ASSESSMENT – Our denominational assessment for 2019 is $99.91 per active confirmed member ($54.22 for General Synod, $34.00 for Albany Regional Synod, $1.98 for Albany Classis Benevolence, and $9.71 for Albany Classis). To help defray this cost to the church, a special envelope can be found in your 2019 envelope packet for donations and/or installment payments are welcome too.