We are so blessed to have a number of small groups with varying interests and focus meeting in our church.  We have included below a list of the groups for more information on any of these groups you may use the contact person if listed or contact the church secretary at 477-6230, or

                     Patchwork Plus 

 Patchwork Plus will be taking the summer off. 

 For more information, please call June Van Ness (477-8366) or Barbara Morgan (518)732-2681.

Quilts displayed in the Church Lounge and outside the Church Office are for sale. Proceeds are donated to charitable organizations.




Congregational Care

JESUS SAID, “JUST AS YOU DID IT TO ONE OF THE LEAST OF THESE WHO ARE MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY, YOU DID IT TO ME” –We are, indeed, a blessed congregation in that we have a team of volunteers who provide pastoral care to our membership including home visits, hospital visits, phone calls, nursing home visits, and various other services.  If a member of this team calls upon you, please welcome them!  They are anxious to be Christ’s hands and feet.  If you would like a visit or know of someone who would appreciate a visit, or if you are interested in joining the team,  please contact the church office  (477-6030) and leave a message for the chairperson.