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LOOKING FOR ACOLYTES! If you are nine years old or older and would be interested in playing a special role during our worship services, we hope you might consider becoming an Acolyte.  Acolytes ring the church bell announcing the beginning of the church service, light the candles in front of the sanctuary, take the offering plates from the ushers, and extinguish the candles at the conclusion of the service. Acolytes also assist Communion Stewards in cleaning up the sanctuary following communion.  Acolytes are asked to serve, on a rotating basis, during the first service of each month when Communion is served and during special services such as Christmas Eve and Easter. A training workshop will be offered following worship on Sunday, September 16th. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Emily Allen at 518-610-8323 or send her an email at


WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2018. Christian communities around the world, of many denominations, traditions, and beliefs, will gather on this day at Christ’s table, remembering that as different as we might be, we all come to the table of Christ by way of the same invitation of grace.  To help us be mindful of our many Christian brothers and sisters around the world, our communion table will feature many types of breads from cultures around the world.  Following the service, our communion around these breads will continue during our fellowship hour.  Our regular pizza lunch will not be served on this Sunday.


USHER VOLUNTEERS! Our attempt to bring together a pool of volunteer ushers for this past church year has proved to be a great success!  Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.  It’s time to plan for a new church year and we are looking for new recruits.  We will then put together a rotating schedule from our pool of ushers.  The more volunteers we have the better.  The schedule will allow for flexibility in that if you find you have a conflict for the date you are assigned, you can contact someone else on the list to trade places with.  More details will be forthcoming once the list is set in place including a training session.  A sign-up sheet can be found on the class cabinet in the lobby of the sanctuary for those who would like to volunteer.  Please consider being part of this low commitment but highly important worship position.  Thank you!

NEXT WORSHIP COMMITTEE MEETING IS ON THURSDAY, 11/8/18 AT 7:00 PM IN ROOM #22 OF THE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION BUILDING. We are always looking for new members. If you would like to be part of this committee, please contact Beth Williams (479-4514,


DUE DATES TO REFILL HANNNAFORD GIFT CARDS ARE October 7, 2018 and November 4, 2018.  If you are planning to refill your Hannaford Gift Card, please place your order in the offering plate.  If you still would like to purchase a gift card, we still have $50 and $100 cards available.


ARE YOU CPR/FIRST AID CERTIFIED? – We are compiling a list of individuals who are currently up to date with these certifications in our congregation. Please contact Meghan Krug ( or add your name to the list on the glass cabinet in the Sanctuary lobby.  Thank you!