Sermon – Christmas Eve 2019

Sermon-A Shoot Shall Grow, 12.8.19

Sermon-And This Shall Be a Sign, 12.22.19

Sermon-Building a New Heavens and a New Earth

Sermon-For Holy Is Its Name, 120119


Sermon-The Aftermath of Christmas, 12.29.19

Sermon-The Reign of Christ, 11-24-19

Sermon-Building a New Heavens and a New Earth, 11-17-19

Sermon-There Is Still A Vision – 11.3.19

Sermon-Winners and Losers, 10.27.19

Sermon-Raw Knuckles, 10.20.19‘s

Relief Valve 10.6.19

Sermon-Earthen Vessels 9.29.19

Sermon-And so let us sing!-9-22-19

Sermon-A Familiar Story 9.15.19

Sermon-The Potter and the Clay 9.8.19

Sermon- The Cool Kids Table 9/1/19

Sermon-Sabbath Healing 8.25.19

Sermon-God’s Good Pleasure-8.11.19

Sermon-Rich Towards God-8-4-19

Sermon-Lord Teach Us How To Pray-7.28.19

Sermon-A Samaritan. Really. 7-14-19

Sermon-This is Water This is Wisdom-6.16.19

Sermon-Becoming More Human-6.9.19

Sermon-A Kinder Gentler Economy 6.2.19

Sermon-Look For Him 4.21.19

Sermon-Divine Wildfire 4.28.19

Sermon-An Unplanned Encounter 5.26.19

Sermon-May the Peace of Christ Be with You 4.14.19