I grew up thinking that the Pastor’s sermon was supposed to put you to sleep.  At times I truly believed that it was a test of your commitment to the church to stay awake while you listened to a pastor ramble on about the lectionary text of the week and somehow help us find meaning for your life.  Even if I was able to stay awake and listen I often struggled with finding meaning for my life.  Well I’m pleased to report that this is not the type of sermons in the GRC today.  I find myself not only listening intensely because the subject of the sermons interests me but I find myself finding them very relevant for what is going on in my life at this time. In this section you can read past sermons as well as a reference to the lectionary text of that week.  I encourage you to read on, find meaning for your life and may they strengthen your faith.”  -Jennifer


Sermon-Uh-Oh 5.27.18

Sermon-Keeping Sabbath 6.3.18

Sermon-Has Jesus Gone Nuts 6.10.18

Sermon-Flinging Seed 6.17.18


Sermon-Shepherd Kings and Brave Elders 7-8-18 (1)

Sermon-He Danced with All His Might 7.15.18