Music Ministry

 THE ADULT CHOIR REHEARSES ON THURSDAYS AT 6:45 IN THE CHOIR ROOM AT THE CHURCH UNDER THE DIRECTION OF OUR MUSIC DIRECTOR JUSTAN FOSTER. Warm-ups and rehearsals will also take place on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM in the choir room. For those of you who have pondered the idea of joining the choir, now is a good time to act on that thought!  New members are always welcome, even novices who are willing to learn.  Justan is a great teacher and has some exciting plans for our music program.


DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL OCCASION OR A LOVED ONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPECIALLY HONOR? Please consider donating a new anthem to our choir as gift that keeps on giving. While GRC does have a music budget, new choral music can become expensive quickly.  The average cost of an anthem is $2 to $5 per copy, and need to order at least 20 copies of each.  This means that new choral anthems per year can cost between $400 and $1000.  Speak with our Music Director, Justan Foster, if you are interested in providing the congregation with a gift that you and they can enjoy more than once!