GRC Sponsored Events

ADOPT-A-FAMILY CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Christmas is coming and the holidays can be especially tough for families in need.  During the holiday season, our congregation has always been very generous to families who need a little extra help to make Christmas special time. This year we have again adopted a family from Albany Medical Center. They are a Muslim family from Yemen.  If you’d like to buy a gift for one of these family members, a giving tree has been placed on the glass cabinet in the lobby of the sanctuary. On the tree are slips of paper with information about a gift request from a member of the family.  You can participate by taking a slip, purchasing the listed item, and then returning the wrapped item, with paper slip attached to outside of package, to the church.  All gifts should be returned to the church by 12/15/19.  They can be put under the tree in the church sanctuary.

GIFT CARD FUND RAISER-For every gift card purchased through the church, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the church.  Gift cards range from various local restaurants to online and/or local retail stores.  Order forms are available on glass cabinet or by contacting the church office (518-477-6030, After placing your order, gift cards will be available for pick up following the church service on Dec. 15th or by way of the church office the week following.  Deadline for orders is Dec. 8th.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD – This year we are again participating in Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child program.  ‘Shoe Boxes’ will soon be available for you to fill with toys, school supplies, and hygiene items (please do not include war related toys, chocolate, perishable food items, liquids, medications, or breakable items).  For each box, a donation of seven dollars is requested to cover cost of transporting the box.  Boxes will be available at the church on Sundays. Due date for boxes is November 24, 2019.  Boxes will be dedicated during worship on this Sunday.

DOORS OF HOPE – Please continue to support the Doors of Hope food pantry. We welcome any type of non-perishable items as well as cleaning supplies and toiletries. Donations may be left in the grocery cart located on the first floor of the church, near the front entrance. Personal Hygiene Products are needed.


There is a service Amazon has established which our church is part of – Amazon Smile. After designating the church as your charity, .5% of every purchase you make will be donated to the church.  Since 2015 we have received a total of $455.71.  So far in 2019 there have been 53 people supporting GRC through this program, making 119 purchases that designated our church as the recipient of a donation.  Sign up today at It’s easy to do and there is no extra cost involved.

HOFFMAN CAR WASH TICKETS: $20 for an exterior and interior cleaning; $10 for an exterior cleaning only. The GRC receives 50% of each ticket sold. Please see Jon Penn after worship or you may contact Jon, 732-4418, or the church office, 477-6030.

DUE DATES TO REFILL HANNNAFORD GIFT CARDS Are December 1, 2019 and January 5, 2020.   If you are planning to refill your Hannaford Gift Card, please place your order in the offering plate or in David Hallenbeck’s mail slot, across from church office. David and Jodi are also available following worship to receive orders. New gift cards are also available for purchase. Thank you!
When you purchase or refill a Hannaford gift card from the church, our church will receive 5% of the amount purchased. Here’s how it works:
1. You may purchase your Hannaford Gift Card by visiting David Hallenbeck at coffee hour following church. Submit cash or a check payable to “Greenbush Reformed Church” for the amount that you want to purchase (cards are available in denominations of $25, $50 and $100). Be sure to indicate in the memo of the check “Hannaford fundraiser”.
2. When you purchase your card, please let us know if you plan to refill the card in the future (we plan to continue this fundraiser for as long as we can receive the discounts, so the more you participate the more you are helping our church). If you plan to refill the card, we will record your name and card number (as well as contact information). We will also provide you with a reorder form to use when you are ready to refill the card. You can refill the card with any amount up to a maximum balance of $500. REMEMBER: DO NOT REFILL YOUR CARD THROUGH HANNAFORD. WE ONLY GET THE DISCOUNT IF YOU REFILL THE CARD THROUGH GRC! Note: If your card has a zero balance for more than 30 days it will no longer be active and you will need to get a new card.
3. REFILLING YOUR CARD – By the first Sunday of each month, submit a check payable to “Greenbush Reformed Church” along with your reorder form (so that we can verify your card number). You can place the check and reorder form in the offering plate. Your reorder will be processed through Hannaford’s bulk ordering system, and once the funds are available on your card, the church secretary will notify you that you can use your card.
Thank you for supporting this fundraising event and for supporting GRC!